Threats Of Bodily Injury Or Death Continue Against Doc

Yesterday self proclaimed eBay spokesperson, Keith Detwiler drove around his neighborhood video recording threats aimed at Doc. As usual he claims I’m a scammer but is butt hurt his hate website’s domain was suspended for making death threats and doxing myself and blogger ebayisajoke.

His YouTube channel Biz Hacks is monetized. This means Google advertisers are paying to advertise on his channel. I find it appalling advertisers are running ads on this garbage. Anything for a buck, huh Google? Detwiler is also an eBay seller Indoor_Thrift

All of this revolves around a smear campaign that revolves around eBay top rated plus seller Joseph DeMarco seller hubcapjoes on eBay. DeMarco is also known as the eBay Man who produces weekly infomercials on YouTube. He is especially good at manipulating weak minded people.

This article is further evidence of wrongdoings aimed toward me. I’m not a scammer, never rolled back an odometer, or sold stolen cars. I’ve never had even a parking ticket in over 50 years driving. The threats against me are because of my website. I’ve saved countless numbers of consumers from falling victim to car scams over the years.

I do not wright slanderous posts. But over the last 15 years have archived a ton of eBay scams and most embarrassing oops corporate moments, all backed up with empirical evidence. This is a smear campaign mostly because of website, blog and forums. There is so much eBay dirty laundry it would take weeks or even possibly months to review it all. As for Keith, he is using the blame your enemies for what you’re doing reputation management tactic. It’s the same tactic Adolph Hitler used in WW2!

Speaking of motor vehicle specific fraud awareness website. Here’s and article where a guy sold his car on eBay Motors and accepted PayPal. After the car was delivered and the title signed over, PayPal chargedback the payment. Guy lost both his car and his money, eBay and PayPal laughed all the way to the bank.

Another recent excellent ebms article is this guy who bought a flood car with a rebuilt title. The car was totaled out by an insurance company for being in the water, a flood car. However the seller claimed he could find no signs of water damage. Guy has the car shipped home and found major problems. Seller told him where to go.

It’s a sad fact that without it’s founders trust and community value eBay Motors is just another online classified. Another fact is, late model “front line ready quality automobiles” as a rule will not make a profit selling on eBay Motors. As my above example proves, sellers are listing rebuilt wrecks and otherwise total loss motor vehicles on eBay Motors. You want to buy a late model car at Half of book value? Better get it inspected!

So yep.. eBay hates the good doctor and is having their trolls stalk me. They’ve posted numerous YouTube bullying / stalking videos using my former eBay sellers ID. Despite numerous flaggings YouTube will not remove the filth despite blatant policy violations!

I can just imagine how Donald Trump feels with the deep state sewer rat media publishing lies and falsehoods about him, while ignoring all the good he has done for America. And for his achievements I thank him!

But as Keith Detwiler says in his video, He does not vote. The government has never done anything for him. It’s my personal opinion those who do not vote have no right complaining.. Period!! 😡

Meanwhile the dark forces are working overtime trying to squash this domains reach in cyberspace. Search engine duckduckgo has added every url on and is redirecting those urls to home page. DuckDuckGo has not responded to my repeated contact attempts. There’s some form of collusion going on between these companies, possibly even racketeering.

But just like Robert Mueller ignoring the crimes Crooked Hillary committed selling out America, nobody cares about the crimes being perpetrated against ole Doc. Especially with Google being an extension of the deep state Democratic party! 🙁

Your Thoughts?

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