Hate Mongering Fake News Website Domain Suspended

Chock another one up for the good guys, as another fake news website domain was suspended. You’d think this website was associated with the deep state, but nope, It was connected to eBay Inc. More dirty laundry piling up in San Jose! 🙁

It’s one thing to operate a critic website, but it’s another to put up a website making death threats. That’s just what happened when this guy put up this website slandering two outspoken former eBay sellers. Doc explains whats going on in this narrated screen video.

This stock manipulation has been going on since around 2013 when eBay Inc allegedly enlisted the help of a marketplace seller to smear two critics. The above video exposes the person manipulating other’s for seller favors. It’s the same old double standard that big money gets away with. Just like the deep state sewer rats trashing president Trump!

I find it quite revealing that eBay Inc approves of their “eBay Guy” inciting violence toward outspoken former sellers, or as Carl Icahn once said, eBay Inc has the worst corporate governance I’ve ever seen. Whatever happened to eBay community values and trust? 🙄

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