Doc Doxed By eBay Troll Hubcap Joe Opening Old Wounds


Hubcap Joe, eBay’s YouTube / social media PR man reopens old wounds by doxing Doc. He wasn’t happy that his bullying evidence was removed from One of Joe Demarco’s buddies Keith Detwiler registered and used the website to attack Charles Fitch (ebayisajoke) DeMarco’s arch enemy. To make matters worse Joe is advertising that harassment trolling website on his Monetized YouTube channel crazeenydriver.

This is yet another example of eBay Inc wrongdoings. It is racketeering and securities manipulation of social media. But the authorities are not interested. It’s all about the money. And speaking of money, the financial sector is buzzing about a possible buyer for eBay. According to Elliott Management eBay should fix their prolonged underperformance.

Hubcap Joe AKA Joseph DeMarco
CrazeeNyDriver advertises a bullying website on his monetized YouTube Channel

For nearly 15 years has been helping internet vehicle buying consumers avoid fraud and bad sellers. This website has also saved many consumers from losing their money to eBay Motors scams. It’s nobody’s fault but eBay Inc’s they screwed the trust and community values Pierre Omidyar founded the venue under into the ground!

Naturally eBay Inc hates me and with a passion. They could possibly sue me to get this site shut down. But doing that would no doubt attract mainstream media coverage as the press dug deep into this websites 15 year archive. 💡

This new Doc doxing adds to existing evidence of corporate wrongdoings. Joe DeMarco an eBay insider and top rated seller (hubcapjoes) runs the YouTube channel (crazeenydriver.) Keith Detwiler of is a buddy of DeMarco’s. DeMarco advertises sellercritic website on his monetized YouTube channel. Follow the money trail.

Hubcap Joe’s wrongdoings are no longer on It’s primary mission is helping internet car buyers avoid fraud and bad sellers. BUT.. Doc is the old master at archiving data and restored all Joe’s eBay dirty laundry to this domain! 😆

Is eBay funding this offshore stalking website owned by Joseph DeMarco? It hosted by a Russian black market firm Blue Angel host and used to attack former eBay members Hubcap Joe does not like. This domain who-is proves it’s Joe DeMarco’s website.

This IS criminal stalking and just plain bad business, but the feds look the other way! Joe must have a photo of Devin Wenig screwing a goose with all he gets away with. Any other seller would be suspended instantly (NARU) in eBay speak.

Joe I was happy doing other things with my time. But you couldn’t leave well enough alone and doxed me again, which was not a smart move!

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