Web Stalking Website Seller Critic News Exposed

eBay and their trolls employed by Hubcap Joe couldn’t leave well enough alone. They were not satisfied that I took their bullying pages off of eBay Motors Sucks Blog. They “Keith Detwiler” registered the domain sellercritic.net and attacked me yesterday with the below post. I’m a faithful believer in backups and restored this site with all of eBay Hubcap Joe’s dirty laundry. eBanged! 😆

As far as the scammer and odometer rollback allegations go, my eBay feedback speaks volumes toward my credibility. But on the other hand does not bode well for eBay Inc, who is paying trolls to attack guys like myself who out their wrongdoings. It’s nobody’s fault but theirs they screwed honesty and trust into the ground.

Yes eBay Motors Sucks. It’s sucked back in the early 2000s and still sucks today!

I’m sure eBay Inc would love to sue because they hate eBay motors sucks website, blog, and forums so much. But doing so would give ebaymotorssucks.com main stream media coverage that would make them look really bad. So they hire Hubcap Joe Trolls to attack my credibility which is stellar compared to theirs.

This website has 15 years of wrongdoing observations by eBay Inc. So theirs no mistaking who the bad guy is here!

Seller Critic Web Stalking
This is further evidence of web stalking by eBay Inc because of eBay Motors Sucks Website I operate

From the article on sellercritic: Ever Since ED Koon was nailed By eBay motors ED Started a website ebaymotorssucks.com just to slander eBay and eBay motors along with Bill Cob. Other web bloggers on eBay Forums started popping up as backlinks of ED Koons Slander.

The eBay sellercritic community found some dirt on ed Koons past auto sales. One was found about Ed Koon sold some Cars with Miles rolled back or one buyer said the engine started knocking after a week. After some shady car sales ED Koon started selling cars on eBay motors.

Whois Record sellercritic.net
Screencapture of a public domain name who is lookup for sellercritic.net belonging to Keith Detwiler

The lengths eBay insiders will go to attack critics and naysayers is alarming. This whole sellercritic bullying ring is operated by eBay top rated seller “hubcapjoes.” Joseph DeMarco owns an offshore stalking website in Russia alleged to be funded by eBay Inc.

What else is going on with this sellers eBay account?  Could Hubcap Joe be laundering money or something else with hubcapjoes sellers account? Nobody really buys hubcaps these days. And certainly the eBay store in question couldn’t possibly generate enough revenue for two mortgages, high NJ taxes, and living expenses. Just saying!

All missing videos (I have them all) will be restored ASAP – eBanged Again! 😆

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