Hubcap Joe Manipulating Google Removing Content

Today Doc presents irrefutable evidence of eBay Hubcap Joes manipulation of Google by de-indexing an eBay-negative video that was submitted and indexed last night.

eBay social media director Hubcap Joes attacked a competitor in his Friday eBay Talk video. He accused the seller of “keyword spamming” his eBay inventory. Hubcaps fit many vehicles if the wheel size is correct. So is this really keyword spamming? Joe goes on to say he has reported this seller many times and eBay does nothing. So it appears eBay does not consider it keyword spamming.

After watching Joe’s video former eBay seller and critic ebayisajoke AKA seller critic called the accused seller and told him Hubcap Joe was trying to have his sellers account suspended. It was after hours so he left a message and video recorded the call.

This is the video that was Google indexed last night. Now it’s wiped from search.

eBay has real power when it comes to Google. Somehow they manage to get articles / videos removed from search that eBay does not like. Anyway we look at this – it’s censorship.

Google allows Hubcap Joes to use their YouTube platform to attack people because he works for eBay Inc. But when someone else catches him in the act and makes a comment video they either do not index it or later delete it when a complaint is made. A Google double standard many Donald J Trump supporters know very well. 😥

Screenshot taken last night an hour after submitting to Google search.

Screenshot of Hubcap Joes Reporting Keyword Spamming Competitor In Google Index
This video was removed by Google shortly after being indexed

Screenshot of this mornings site command proving Google removed this video.

Hubcap Joes Reporting video removed from Google Index
Site command showing Doc’s Hubcap Joe Reporting video removed from Google index

Irrefutable proof that eBay does have Google remove search entries that make them look bad. Antics like this is what motivates Doc to keep archiving eBay dirty laundry.

Their gig is about up anyway. As this website documents eBay screws their sellers left and right. There ain’t no halo floating over Hubcap Joe’s head either! 🙄

This domain was registered in 2004 to warn used car internet shoppers about car scams on eBay motors. Over 14 years later Doc is still going. Unfortunately Google buries most of his content deep in their index. Have a look around while you’re here. Click a tag to your right to explore our archives. Also check out our original phpBB forum and video server.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😉

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