Social Media Manipulation Of Weak Minded People

Reputation management troll attacks continue to target Doc and another former eBay seller turned critic Charles Fitch AKA eBayisaJoke.

But the person we are blogging about today is Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia. He is weak minded and easily manipulated by bad people working for eBay Inc.

Ordell NJ, eBay seller Joseph DeMarco AKA HubcapJoe is a master at manipulating weak minded people. Shame he does not use his talents to better society. But he is being brainwashed by an eBay Inc internal employee clique that feeds him swag and seller perks then manipulates him like a puppet. 😆

This is the hind end of the reputation management business. If it were SEO it would be considered black hat techniques. Literally thousands of YouTube channels with thin abusive content are created by guys like Keith Detwiler.

Abusive videos and channels can be reported until the cows come home, but Google / YouTube will not remove them. Trolls upload a half dozen videos, then set up another channel, and repeat the process. YouTube loves this activity because it helps fluff up their numbers.

One of those abusive YouTube channels of many thousands is here.


Mr. Detwiler obviously can not think for himself. He is easily manipulated by eBay seller Hubcap Joe DeMarco into doing his dirty-work. Detwiler is desperately seeking acceptance and easily swallows his puppet-masters hook!

He posts videos like our example below. Then sends his eBay puppet-master an email link and gets a ‘that’s great’ reply back. Doc doubts he realizes what he is doing is Slander and Libel. It is said he owns his home, but if homestead exemption applies, it may not be attachable. Hubcap Joe DeMarco his eBay puppet-master owns valuable piece of commercial property in Oradell NJ. 

Here we observe another abusive video Keith Detwiler recently published to YouTube attacking Charles Fitch, and accusing Doc of hacking eBay. It’s obviously clear he is not playing with a full deck.. 😆

It should be noted the website Keith Detwiler is referencing in his video belongs to Hubcap Joe DeMarco. It’s called and is hosted by this Moscow RU web host. Proof of domain ownership is here.

Haul em all out in Handcuffs as Judge Jeanine Pirro would say!

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cent’s worth! 😎

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