Google Partners In Fraud With Corporate America

Doc has known for many years his vehicle specific fraud awareness website never ranked well in search. So last November he moved it to a subdomain of his domain registered in 1998. He renamed the new blog his former eBay sellers id, and wallah! 🙂

Within 30 days all the blogs articles and static pages were exceptionally well indexed in Google search. Selected index tags and media attachments were indexed as well.

Webmaster Tools Sitemap Index
Screenshot of sitemap index report from Google webmaster tools.

When the blog was published under it never ranked anywhere close to what it ranked under Over the years it was speculated that his domain with the word eBay in it was taboo by Google.

This screen video of his blogs search position was recorded back in October 2017. It clearly documents valuable vehicle specific fraud awareness keywords and keyphrases buried many pages down deep in Googles index.

Doc was curious if changing the domain and site name would improve his blogs search visibility. Also it should be noted the two sites were not online at the same time. Doc initiated a 301 permanent redirect and submitted an official Google webmaster tools change of address. The proper method when moving websites.

He had no idea he was about to literally be slapped silly by Google. eBay runs bots crawling for certain keywords and keyphrases. When his new domain started getting mega traffic from search Google lowered the boom on Doc. 😥

Google Manual Webmasters Action
Spammy structured markup notification from Google webmaster tools.

Talk about a load of bunk. There is no hidden text or spam tags, or otherwise “spammy, irrelevant, or misleading” on this blog. Every article page is backed up with screen-capture and video evidence. No fake news here folks! 😉

Google has been covering eBay’s butt burying Doc’s website for 13+ years, but an old used car dealer caught Google with their pants down – and their really pissed! 😆

Seller fraud on eBay goes down like this example. Guy sells his iPhone on eBay. Seller ships the phone to the buyer, and thinks it was a good sale. But a few days later buyer files a not as described claim with eBay saying the phone was broken. eBay instructs buyer to return the iPhone to the seller. Buyer sends something back to seller (maybe an old calculator) and sends eBay the return tracking number. eBay then instructs PayPal to refund the buyers money.

Now our example seller is screwed out of his money and iPhone, and is stuck like Chuck. Guy then puts up some form of eBay Sucks website or posts to Medium or other public blog how he got ripped off by eBay and PayPal. eBay’s bot picks up the keywords or keyphrases “eBay PayPal iPhone Cheated Scammed” etc. eBay then requests Google either de-index the post or whole domain, or bury it on page 437. And hijacked account fraud is still ripping off sellers and goes on all the time!

Doc believes eBay Inc has spent Millions going after his website since 2004, and their still at it. So he put the ebms blog, classic phpbb forums, and video server, on this domain. Though it probably will not rank well, it’s still online advising consumers to beware of car scams and sleazy sellers.

Doc was the 1st Tampa Bay FL area motor vehicle dealer to sell cars on eBay back in 1999. Maybe he should wright a book with all his eBay observations since then. Not a bad achievement for a retired used car dealer and mechanic turned webmaster.

Doc talks about Donald J Trump Making America Great Again by lowering taxes increasing jobs and more. He gives his two cents worth on eBay seller return fraud. Google webmaster censorship, and how bad their YouTube sucks!  🙁

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth.. 🙂

7 Thoughts to “Google Partners In Fraud With Corporate America”

  1. Doc

    Sent this to Google.. They are still holding my domain hostage.

    Lets have an understanding here. Everything i have documented about eBay fraud is real. My articles are backed up with empirical evidence such as full page screenshots and narrated screen videos. There is no fake news here.

    I understand your job is to cover eBay’s ass by hiding my vehicle fraud awareness articles. I was the 1st Tampa Bay area used car dealer to auction cars on eBay back in 1999, and built a successful business that didn’t last because of all the car scams. I put ebms online in 2004 and since then have saved countless consumers from losing their money to car scams.

    eBay has hacked and ddosed the site many times but i got better at my webmaster knowledge and managed to fend off the attacks. Then they spread lies about my sellers reputation on social media saying i sold stolen cars, rolled back odometers, and eBay threw me off for being a scammer. They also targeted my pastor telling him lies. Dirty business they run!

    When my site keywords and keyphrases were buried in search i tried putting the blog from ebay motors sucks into . which indexed incredibly well. I recon when y’all found out what i did ya whacked me. Oh well i put it back where is was to die in Google’s index.

    I produced this video with my thoughts on the situation.

    Best regards, Doc

    1. Doc

      And once again my appeal was rejected. Big brother GooGoo isn’t taking any chances that i might put it back up.. Oh but it’s coming under another cheap domain soon!

      To: Webmaster of

      Google has reviewed your site in response to your reconsideration request. Based on this review, Google believes that your site still violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. To resolve all manual actions, review your site again, correct the necessary items, and file another reconsideration request.

  2. Charles Fitch

    This is why I decided to move from using ebay in my domains, google is delisting domains that violate their policy on name branding. Good to see the Car Doctor finally do a new video and a great one at that. I will never buy anything that has the backing of behind it weather it’s a car or merchandise. The facebook trolls that push pr for ebay can continue to smear me, I’ll never stop unless they wish to buy my domains and buy me out. I figure the news pice done on my ass is worth 300k of my reputation and that’s getting off cheap. If they want me gone so bad, then pony up the dough.

    1. Doc is considered grandfather status since it was registered in 2004, so as long as it’s registered and kept active nobody can take it away from Doc. Google however is another situation, It’s their search engine to do what they want with, but maybe someday that will be challenged in court. It’s that old “Silicone Valley Good Old Boy Club” that rules internet business today. 🙁

      1. Charles Fitch

        Understandable tho because it’s their backyard and they own all of it so they can do what they want. But google is so “all over the place” with their products and policies, they don’t know which was is up or down. They can delist you all they want, there are ways to skin a cat (or dog) ask Hubcapjoes where Molly is, she’s not been seen for years on video, I hear he may have dug a hole and buried her in his back yard like google search.

        1. Doc

          Just another eBay Observation to add to my book. Though i have no idea how to wright a book or how to begin, my spelling and sentencing skills suck.

          Just for chits and giggles here’s a doozie from 2005 😆

  3. Anonymous

    Damn Doc, sorry to hear about your Google experience. Wonder what they have planned for you next?

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