CrazeeNyDriver eBay YouTube Channel Happenings

eBay Inc HubcapJoes Targeted Harassment YouTube Channel
CrazeeNyDriver behind the scenes

A peek at what’s going on behind eBay’s official video public relations CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel. This channel is alleged to be a front for illegal activity paid by seller favors and company promo material.

Joe DeMarco AKA top rated seller HubcapJoes and his gang of hooligans are nothing but a waste of corporate resources.

Stalkers use Weebly Inc free websites and various rogue YouTube channels to harass myself and another former eBay member known as eBayisaJoke.

DeMarco also own this cyberstalking website hosted in Bulgaria by a Russian web host. He uses this website to attack former eBay sellers. whois documentation is here on our classic forum.

Targeted harassment by an individual or corporation is illegal in Florida, Michigan, And Federal jurisdictions. Florida. Section 750.411hย is here. Michigan Section 750.411h is here. Federal Section 750.411h. But nobody gives a hoot. Maybe because eBay has really Big Guns and are immune to prosecution? ๐Ÿ™

CrazeeNyDriver is up to his nostrils in corruption. He is directly responsible for setting up this WJBK Fox-2 Detroit News Rob Wolchek smear campaign.

Rob Wolchek with eBay and Joe DeMarco’s help not only ran a smear campaign worthy of the DNC and Clinton campaign. They lied to a Detroit Judge getting a personal protection order (PPO) on WJBK story target Charles Fitch AKA eBayisaJoke. Seller Critic published Wolchek’s court filings after the PPO Expired.

All this transpired because eBayIsaJoke was protesting eBay after they unjustly suspended his sellers account as (Guardrail) did to millions of sellers. eBayisaJoke was bashing eBay and PayPal on YouTube wearing a Guy Fawkes mask as he promoted Amazon niche marketing stores. Before he knew what was coming, here came Rob Wolchek ambushing him walking out of a theater, shoving a camera in his face. WJBK Fox-2 Detroit Rob Wolchek smeared his reputation worldwide.

You might ask, why does eBay Inc tolerate this unsavory seller behavior outside their venue? It’s really simple. If his sellers account is terminated DeMarco will go back to bashing the hell out of eBay like he did before eBayisaJoke exposed his sellers ID on YouTube.ย  He will expose all those so called team eBay employees (Clique) that are controlling him. Meanwhile eBay continues fend off negative public relations black eyes. Wonder who has the most to lose here? eBay Inc!

This guy is a master manipulator of weak minded people. Another example of YouTube TOS Abuse comes from Jason Paul Decanio of Ovideo Florida. DeCanio is just another example of how DeMarco manipulates weak minded people to do his dirty work. This cyberbullying video was uploaded to another bogus YouTube channel 02/18/18. Note the channel name in this screenshot!

YouTube Abuse By Jason Paul DeCanio
Screen capture of another abusive YouTube channel set up to cyberbully former eBay sellers and critics.

Yet another example of YouTube TOS Abuse comes from Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia who publicly accused Doc of rolling back odometers on cars he sold on eBay Motors.

Keith Detwiler YouTube TOS Violation
Another example of YouTube being used to abuse former eBay sellers and critics. Here Keith Detwiler accuses Doc of Odometer Fraud.

This is yet another good example of Joe DeMarco AKA CrazeeNyDriver and eBay Top Rated Seller HubcapJoes manipulating the weak minded to do his dirty work.

Is eBay Inc manipulating Google / YouTube? Abusive channels can be “Flagged Until The Cows Come Home” and Google will not remove them. YouTube is just like eBay inc – Their only concern is Corporate Bottom Line Profit! ๐Ÿ™„

YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment on a video stating, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The video’s creator alerted both the FBI and YouTube to the threat comment posted on his video. As it turns out YouTube deleted Nikolas Cruz School Shooter Comment and the FBI Dropped The Ball!

This screen capture of a cyberstalking post published on Hubcap Joe’s website is further proof of CrazeeNyDriver, eBay Inc, targeted harassment of naysayers.

Hubcap Joe Attack On Former eBay Seller Doc's Quality Cars
Screen capture of cyberstalking article targeting Doc on Hubcap Joe’s offshore website. It is alleged eBay Inc is funding this website.

Another page attacking Doc on It is rumored eBay Inc is controlling this Weebly account. Possibly eBay Radio host Jim Griffith or Scott Henshaw.

Cyberbullying Page on
It is also rumored someone at eBay Inc headquarters is controlling this abusive account.

eBay Motors could have been the biggest car selling venue in the world by now. It could have been a membership site similar to Sam’s Club or Costco. Sellers would be ID and Business Verified. Buyers could internationally trade securely on a bonded venue. Unfortunately that didn’t happen either. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Had eBay taken our advice back in the good old days and verified buyers and sellers. The brands credibility wouldn’t be shot. But Pierre and Meg became rich as buyers and sellers got defrauded. Scammers had the run of the site!

Many sellers were sincere in cleaning the dump up. Doc even suggested an arbitration panel to settle vehicle buyer / seller disputes. Never happened!

eBay and Joe DeMarco probably thought Charles Fitch and Ed “Doc” Koon would run away after their attack on free speech. Maybe they thought it would be as easy as running the “eBay Pirate” off back in the good old days. Doc will not tolerate eBay Trolls smearing his excellent sellers reputation into the ground.

WJBK Rob Wokchek didn’t realize what a huge can of worms he opened targeting Charles Fitch for a story full of inaccuracies. eBayisaJoke being the seo specialist and blogger that he is fought back. Wolchek panicked and lied to the court getting the above mentioned personal protection order (PPO) on Charles Fitch.

Wolchek was not worried about being physically attacked by Fitch who owns a registered handgun. He knew Fitch would dig into his background, possibly uncovering long ago forgotten skeletons and oops moments, then blog them for his current audience to see. The PPO silenced Mr. Fitch ordering him not to speak or blog Wolchek’s name, or anything about him. Court ordered censorship that eBay Inc and Joe DeMarco possibly played a part in.

From this point on it is assumed eBay Inc does indeed know what Joe DeMarco is doing attacking Mr. Fitch and Mr. Koon. They are a part of this cyberstalking by permitting him to operate a business and publish videos under their brands name!

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  1. eBayisajoke

    Hubcapjoes Hacking incident. eBay radio with Griff.
    Wonder when Griff will ask Hubcapjoes where he gets his hubcaps in the next radio show. Verifying sellers and buyers in the past would have improved the future! They vetted sellers (small) sellers to get the info on distribution and sourcing this favored sellers like Hubcapjoes.

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