Doc’s Quality Cars Reputation Smeared By eBay TRS

Doc’s Quality Cars eBay sellers reputation was smeared by company black budget reputation management trolls getting even for Doc’s website that helped car buyers avoid fraud and seller misrepresentation.

Doc's Quality Cars Previous eBay PowerSeller Award
Doc’s Quality Cars eBay PowerSeller Award

Doc began his eBay selling career in 1999 and built a trustworthy powersellers reputation. Doc was also the 1st Tampa Bay area used car dealer to sell motor vehicles on eBay. The greatest majority of his eBay inventory belonged to dealer friends of his.

Doc cherry picked only the best used autos to sell at the time. Little did he know in the near future the venues reputation would be tarnished.

Most people who have used eBay in the past would agree it was great. And it was great back in it’s early days. But scams and bad seller fraud soon started chipping away at the cornerstone of trust of which Pierre Omidyar founded the company under, undermining the trust and community values.

European fraudsters started listing scam car auctions by the thousands and trusting members were defrauded out of their money, and eBay did nothing!

In 2004 Doc started a website to educate consumers how to verify the legitimacy and how to inspect internet vehicles in another state. Since those early days Doc’s website has saved countless consumers from losing their money.

But unfortunately Doc’s eBay feedback and excellent seller’s reputation was smeared by this motors top rated seller and eBay sponsored social media spoksperson. It was the reputation management smear campaign from hell!

This seller Joe DeMarco of Oradell NJ operates an offshore cyberstalking website in Moscow RU where he attacks Doc and another eBay critic. Yes it’s his website as this whois lookup proves when the sites privacy protection expired.

Twitter Account @ReportBullies Abusive CyberStalking Account

Former eBay seller turned critic ebayisajoke wrote this blog post eBay cyber gangs going after reputable sellers using Twitter. There is an abusive Twitter account called Mr. Anti Bullying that is doing the opposite of what it’s name implies.

An alleged black budget fund is financing this smear campaign attack on myself and Charles Fitch. Weebly Inc is hosting two abusive cyberstalking pages they refuse to remove. This behavior is without a doubt against eBay top rated seller policy.

Doc worked hard to build his stellar eBay feedback reputation selling quality older used cars on eBay Motors back when it was a trustworthy place to do business.

This smear campaign that has been launched against me and my fraud awareness website is really is a low blow. This is how eBay Inc goes after critics, naysayers, and outspoken former sellers, using social media. Activist Investor Carl Icahn recently said, eBay Inc has the worst corporate governance i have ever seen!

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